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I’m a type designer and graphic artist in Ithaca, New York.

Here’s the newest stuff


Super condensed type family.


Variable soft serif for New York State Parks


Minimalist art prints

Mini Bio

I’ve worked with Google, Chronicle Books, NBC Universal, AT&T, Cornell University, and The Planetary Society. My fonts have been used by: HBO, Starz, Toms, Threadless, NBC Universal, Buzzfeed, Zappos, Discovery, Captain Fantastic, Ithaca Beer Co, Trail Runner, Lowe’s, Coroflot, Hershey, Dartmouth, Scholastic, Shure

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  • Subject Not Detected
    I took a little over 12000 photos this year. About 2000 of them are worth editing, saving, and backing up. I’ve said before it’s easy to take a good photo of a person, but without a subject in Subject Not Detected