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I’m a type designer, graphic artist, and multimedia producer in Ithaca, New York.

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Default Sans is super neutral with 18 styles


Logo, web, print, and packaging design for NY Cheesemakers

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I’ve worked with Google, Chronicle Books, NBC Universal, AT&T, Cornell University, and The Planetary Society. My fonts have been used by: HBO, Starz, Toms, Threadless, NBC Universal, Buzzfeed, Zappos, Discovery, Captain Fantastic, Ithaca Beer Co, Trail Runner, Lowe’s, Coroflot, Hershey, Dartmouth, Scholastic, Shure.
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  • A Song A Week, Again
    Back in the wild year of 2020 I recorded a song every week. I had never attempted a 52 week project, and I actually thought it would be a fun challenge. Never mind the fact that I had an 8 month old and A Song A Week, Again