Big Updates to Gluten

# typography

I still have a soft spot for Gluten, now more than ever. Literally. Figuratively. In food, especially, but I'm talking about my font. I've recently been in the habit of touching up my existing type work. Usually this means many minor improvements that don't involve the redrawing of letters, or don't have major changes to any forms. Sometimes I'll add a new weight (like with Grandstander and Altitude Condensed, for instance). But the big update I just made to Gluten (now called Gluten FT) makes each letter a little more defined, therefore a lot more readable.

I definitely liked the "blurry" charm of the original, which is one of the reasons this is renamed FT - you can keep the original in your font library and install this new one (the FT = Finck Type). The images below are not GIFs, by the way (so don't wait for them to change).

I mean, I still love early Gluten. It's even on Ithaca Beer Co's Flower Power packaging. And with that...cheers!

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