Classic Sci-Fi Book Covers

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I visit a used book store in Ithaca’s Commons at least once a week. It’s called Autumn Leaves and sits on the ground level above a record/cd store, and under a pirate themed (barely) cafe. My favorite aisle to wander is the sci-fi section. I’ve purchased a few things from here in the past but as I’m trying to use the library and my 4 year old Nook (love that thing) more, I ultimately leave empty-handed. But not before I look at all of the beautiful book covers.

This may become an ongoing series, as the type treatments and illustrations pictured here could keep me in the store all day. They all pique my interest for different reasons, and while some of these might be completely unreadable (to me, at least), they’re still unique and effective at grabbing my attention, decades after their publication date.

The book Cirque, for instance, features some lovely letters set above a picture of a bald being with brain (or something) escaping their skull! Pretty intense. I’ve read Life, The Universe, and Everything but still get a kick out of the bubbly script. It makes me want to create some books just to make similarly interesting and inspired artwork. And on that note…

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