Day Trip Through Fracked Land

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We went to find scarred landscape. I needed to see the environmental catastrophe that everyone around here has been talking about, trying to prevent. Hydraulic fracturing in neighboring Pennsylvania is almost old news at this point. I had watched a haunting documentary about it, but had yet to witness it first-hand.

As with any good journey we welcomed the detours and unexpected stops along the way.

The strangest thing about it all was how “normal” everything seemed. If I wasn’t sure what to look for, or aware that we were essentially surrounded by drill sites, I’d just assume that farmers were doing their thing (which I am also slightly ignorant about). We traveled on a Sunday so we didn’t see anyone working, or traffic of any kind. We also didn’t trespass on any property, or cross any boundaries. All of these photos were taken from the side of the road. It’s clear that construction/destruction had taken place at some point (probably years ago) and I don’t know what the “before” landscape looked like.

It was another heavy adventure, lightened slightly by blue skies, good company (Katy!), and new music (Youth Lagoon and K.Flay among others). We stopped at Watkins Glen which was a breath of fresh air on our way back to Ithaca.

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