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Well, RBG died tonight and America is literally on fire. Metaphorically too, but not in a rad way. So, perfect timing for me to rebuild this blog (and new one page site).

While that standalone "site" above is just simple static css/html (and a tiny bit of javascript) this blog is powered by Kirby. I built a custom Kirby theme in 2018 and this is the first time I've updated the core. The new version is fine and I probably didn't need to upgrade, but when everything is awful, a tedious technical task is a great distraction.

Other changes? I've removed Google Analytics from this site, and every site I manage (that isn't a client site). Not only that, I trashed my analytics profiles. All my stuff is tracker-less now. No more stats. I'm sure my pages will load a tiny bit faster, but there's just too much snooping and to be honest, having analytics for almost 10 years now has resulted in stress and frustration that I don't need. I haven't "made it" as a result of having used analytics. I wouldn't say my career has benefited at all knowing that someone in China stole my Kirby theme (true story). I feel slightly lighter by not knowing anything about visitors, referrals, and content stats, and happier by not burdening the visitor with tracker junk.

I installed a night mode (dark) theme on this blog, which should transition depending on your personal settings. However, the moon button in the upper left hand corner can toggle it. I don't love light text on dark background for long form reading (unless the text is huge) so it's a dark text on darker background theme. I'm still tweaking it, but it works for now. If only I had analytics to tell me what time of day people are reading this?! I kid.

The last part of this big update: I brought back some older blog posts! When I transitioned from Wordpress to Kirby in 2018 I left out a bunch of photo-heavy stories. Well, they're back now, along with some video posts. I'm particularly fond of the four hiking trips that are now here: Mount Marcy / This is Giant / Madison in Winter / White Hike

from the Marcy hike

Anyway, you can browse this big blog better than ever, now. I'm excited to keep working on it and updating things. I'm hoping to bring some sort of tagging system for easier navigating, but we'll see.

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