Faux Poster Experiment

# design

I’m going to try something new with upcoming typeface releases: overdramatic fake movie posters. So I set out to make a simple design and realized that if you keep it vague enough (minimal, too) you can simply swap out the “title” with a different typeface and have a usable finished product. Is it generic? Yeah, but that’s kind of the point, letting typography set a different tone without changing anything else in the design.

Altitude Condensed
Imbue FT
Typocopia - used for the film Captain Fantastic
Porter FT
Lickety Split

Not horrible, but not groundbreaking either. All of those fonts were available to purchase at one point. Many have been retired. Here’s an animated version of 10 of those from above.

And more fake movies. Luckily I’ve taken some fun photos over the years to use. These are also really fun to make.
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