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The world has more free fonts than ever, at a higher quality than I can handle (in a good way). I'm not going to make this a regular Friday thing, abduzeedo.com was always good at that. And sure, recent BIG releases like IBM Plex, Spectral, and Duospace get the headlines, but I'm going to share a few faves below that you might not know about. As always, support your type designers! I highly recommend throwing a few bucks at these people, especially since these are all available for commercial use Haley about hers).

Vision - Font Fabric

12 fonts total, six weights in upright and italic. This is pretty amazing. A good alternative if you're burned out on other, overused sans families.

Notch - Kyle Wayne Benson

Kyle, aka Very Cool Studio makes some great type. This gem happens to exist because of his Skillshare course, which is also awesome.

Sinkin Sans - K-Type

I've been enjoying this large family (18 fonts!) for a few years now, but haven't seen it used by anyone else, really. While not named "extended" it certainly takes up a decent amount of horizontal space, but I'm not complaining since it is super easy to read.

Besley - Indestructible Type

A newcomer approaches! Check out the fatface italic. Like me, this download process suggests you enter your email (even if you change the price to $0) for updates, which is pretty useful for open source work.

Zilla Slab - Typotheque

Sure it was made for Mozilla (thank you!) and you've probably heard about it, but it's too nice not to mention. It's that Rockwell replacement that you weren't sure you wanted/needed. Takes me back to about 10 years ago when Museo Slab was all the rage.

Weird Fonts Pack - Haley Fiege

What you thought this would be all plain corporate, clean type? Nah, this is actually a pack of several awesome display fonts: ShakyBologna, The Fringe, Cheeched, Swamp, and Ghost Hands (with some outlined styles in there).

Blackline Script - Kristy Hatswell

There had to be a script font in here, even though I rarely use them. And while this has a loose, handmade feel (probably from the uppercase characters which aren't script), it isn't a brush font, and it is incredibly legible. Nice work.

Mattilda - Barri Lubis

I simultaneously think of Roald Dahl and Alt J when I read that word, even if it does have two "t"s. This isn't super practical as some letter combos can be hard to read, but for a word or two it is perfect. Just stay away from the numbers here.

Riks - Monokrom

A gorgeous, somewhat quirky stencil font. There are two styles available, but "Normal" is the better of the two. Their Gratis license implies you should pay for commercial use, which is fine and fair. The makerspace mentality in me wants to laser cut with Riks like crazy.

Giant Head - Blue Vinyl Fonts

Jess has made a ton of great type, this one happens to be great and free. It is by no means new (2008!) but I'm going to use it until I'm blind. The outline style (Two) layers under the regular, so this was stackable way before it was cool.

That's it! As someone who loves to give away type I also encourage you to show your usage to the font maker(s)! It's what keeps us going (with free fonts, at least).

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