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My first project with Relays is now out in the world (good luck, friends!). From start to finish it was a jam-packed 9 weeks. The first three weeks were discovery and strategy focused, with no design work happening until week 4. From there we cranked out an entirely new brand. I got to make letters from scratch, package up some food, make some fun editable templates, and design/code a nice one page website...all in under 5 weeks. Here's some of that work.

I'm going to pause here and say there are a lot more details (process, writing) on the case study page. These are just some of my favorite things we made along the way.

This is also expanded on over at my Behance and Dribbble. Relays isn't on any social media, just LinkedIn.

Shoutout to my wife, the other half of Relays (and everything), who steered the boat that was this project pretty much perfectly.

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