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Kingston to Negril and back, with a mountain adventure in between. March-April, 2018. Allison rented a car for us that I had the pleasure to drive from Kingston to Negril, which was definitely an experience. We had a small cottage booked for first half of the trip ($50 AirBNB) allowing us to wing it for the second half. It was our delayed honeymoon and also happened to include my birthday. I saw the best sunset of my life. I didn’t eat cake. I DID, however, start my birthday morning with a run on the beach and later in the day followed a Rastafari named Fiyah to the top of a mountain where he made a fresh vegan meal with some ingredients foraged along the way. That was Allison’s happy place, which she compiled for everyone on Exposure.

I took these photos with a Sony A7 and 50mm lens. All images © me, Tyler Finck (please don't take them).

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