Madison in Winter

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My friend Keith lives in a pretty sweet spot in New Hampshire. So the day after Christmas, while we were all in the same area, my life long friends Kevin and Peter (brothers) and I (we grew up next door to one another) packed into a car and headed to Keith's place so he could take us up a mountain. The three of us heading over from Maine were underprepared (and overconfident) in terms of gear. Huge surprise. I think we were called "goofers" but who knows.

From Wikipedia: Mount Madison is a mountain in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire in the United States. Elevation is 5,367 ft (1,636 m). Mount Madison is the northernmost peak in the Presidentials. Like most of the range, its summit is above treeline. Due to high winds and low temperatures, hypothermia is a danger even in the summer.

I put the above photo on unsplash because 1) I like it and 2) I wanted Keith's backside to be immortalized on the internet, obviously.

Ah yes, here you'll notice Pete 👆 has two different kinds of shoe attachments for tackling the ice we inevitably hit. Well he brought the yaktrax and I brought nothing. Luckily, Keith brought a spare pair of actual microspikes so Pete gave me one of his (which were only mildly effective) and Keith gave us each one of his (and he used actual crampons). Somehow Kevin scored a pair of microspikes so he was spared this ridiculousness. That said, we couldn't have made it to the top without this stuff 👍

Thanks for the great hike Keith! Can't believe I hadn't hiked this mountain before. Peter breezed through it on his Appalachian Trail hike, and I have done Mount Washington a few times, but this first time up Madison was perfect.

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