Million Milestone

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Last week I received an email from someone asking about a specific usage and style stuff for one of my fonts blah blah blah. I linked them to the O.S. page at The League and because I have some low-grade OCD I tested the link I sent them to make sure I didn’t direct someone to a dead end. I was about to close the tab on that page when I noticed that the download counter had reached 400,000. “Huh” I thought, simultaneously mortified and flattered. So JUST FOR FUN I went and looked at Blackout…over 215,000. Fascinating. Okokok what about FontSquirrel. Another 139,000 for Blackout and 380,000 for Ostrich. Math = over 1,000,000.

Where am I going with this? Numbers are weird, feelings are better. The best thing is when someone mails you what they did with your font (see below).

love what they did here

But really, a million downloads isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? DEAL$. This isn’t just a self-congratulatory post (tequila later, I promise), I’m just humbled and really happy that I’ve made one thing that one other person likes. And I’ve made some stuff that I’d LIKE to be free but for a few reasons, can’t/shouldn’t (think of the groceries, people). So this is the next best thing I’ve got: 50% off your order in my shop. Just use the coupon FREEHALF when you check-out and BAM, single digit price on most fonts (among other things). Ugh I feel dirty just writing the word “coupon” so let’s call it “awesome code.” Ok. That “awesome code” is good for 100 of you. Enjoy, thank you for supporting me via free and/or paid downloads. You’re all the best. I’m sorry if someone gave you a hard time because of the lousy kerning on Ostrich and early versions of Blackout. Consider this my formal apology (and yes, I’m working on that).

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