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Half a year has elapsed since I last blogged. Has a lot happened? Yes and no. Turns out, having three kids and just, you know, getting through a pandemic...it's a lot. But that doesn't mean I didn't take a few thousand photos. I'll keep it somewhat abbreviated and show just under 40 of my favorites from the year, with as little commentary as possible.

We had a real winter. It started with cold and then snow in early January, and stayed that way well into March. This turned out to be a good thing for me as you'll see later.

This kiddo is a ball of energy. And a few months after this photo was taken she became a big sister (keep scrolling). Parenting during a pandemic seems insane, so why not have another kid?

Earlier in the year I wrote about returning to the slopes! More photos and words there, but it was such a welcome change for me even if the local hill is tiny.

I think Yoshi is liking the snow less as she gets older (she's not even four!). Or maybe dogs get seasonal affective disorder. Regardless, she seemed way more into this years ago.

Maybe this is why. At one point the snow in our yard was three feet deep! OK, only one more snowy photo then the season changes, abruptly.

I took this photo in a glade on my last day snowboarding for the year. Going mid-week is a great hack if you can pull it off.

The thaw begins! No hat, no gloves, no problem. Our yard always looks crazy after the snow melts and before spring really starts. I love it.

OK our dog might not love having us around all day every day. We kind of get a little stir crazy. Somehow she lets a toddler do this to her.

Going to the hospital to have a baby in the middle of a pandemic was...surreal. Luckily, everything went very well.

Meet Wylie. He's the worst sleeper I know. Luckily he's the smiliest baby I know. Dude came a little early, but that was fine by all of us.

We have two different kinds of chickens, obviously. Sadly, the chickens didn't last much longer. Some predator(s) got our chickens, and our neighbor's chickens, and her neighbor's chickens. Nature is wild, y'all.

The Ithaca Commons in May early in the morning during the middle of the week. Morning light is the best there, and the day hasn't heated up to crazy temperatures, so that became a bit of our routine.

My parents visited! Since we were vaccinated–and no crazy variants had turned up yet–it was just like old times. Such a nice change, and something we actually kind of got used to for a little while.

Turns out we could never go hiking here without also going to Ithaca Beer Co just down the road. This town is great, right?

At said beer co. This girl loves the outdoor space and who can blame her. Safest place to eat fries and watch the sun set.

Just documenting our redbud for posterity. Can you blame me? We have a pear tree which also blooms and is lovely. Same for our peach tree.

A little gem of a spot at Stewart Park. Usually when I'm on this trail I'm running and not looking this way. The perk of having little kids–and a stroller to navigate–is that I have a camera with me and time to explore (and little explorers).

Allison's dad really wanted to make a playground in our yard for the kids. We didn't stop him (but we weren't very helpful, either).

We love this spot. Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park. Again, I'm often running this rather than exploring it. But we skipped some stones and found some critters.

Yoshi's friend Kaya came to hang. Good dogs.

Summer storms are refreshing. Mostly because they're not really destructive up here (no hurricanes, no tornadoes). So for a few weeks in July in August we're occasionally treated to some wild weather right before sunset. This is the view across the road from our house.

And then a quick hop to...Maryland? We go where (outdoor) weddings happen! I can count the number of times I've stepped foot in Maryland with one hand. But this was a big adventure with a three month old.

Water is a summer hack. I always forget this, mostly because we're surrounded by farmland. But Maryland had water, and we happily swam in it.

The second nicest sunset I have ever seen. The honor of first place goes to the evening of March 28, 2018 in Jamaica (Easy to remember because it was my honeymoon). The third best was at the Grand Canyon in May of 2004.

And then to Maine. Again, hanging around vaccinated people, mostly outside...it felt like normal life again and we loved it. Past tense, because yeah, we're kind of locked down again.

Giants in the coastal botanic gardens! Wild. This place was overwhelming in every way possible. I could have used another day to check it out.

My teenager isn't afraid of Maine's chilly water! Nah, his feet are definitely numb in this photo.

Is this...a festival? Indeed. Apple Harvest Fest in Ithaca. Tons of people, and crazy food that I try to only eat once a year.

And fall means regularly trips to the Farmers market. We got married here, so coming back is always kind of special. You'd think it would get old, but nope, it never does.

Monkey Run isn't exactly a hidden gem, but it definitely doesn't get enough credit. This is kind of on the edge of Cornell's territory, with some great trails lining both sides of the water.

They grow up fast. Boom 💥 he's six months old. And still smiling like crazy.

November is here. This is a great month. I spent a lot of time returning to Jennings Pond, but mostly just to stare at the water rather than hike the loop. No complaints here.

Thanksgiving 2020 was straight up cancelled, so this year felt magical. Then again, every time we go to the house Allison grew up in it feel that way.

This is a treehouse her dad built (seeing a trend?). It was my wife's treehouse when she was a kid, and now our kid is playing in it. Life is crazy.

Back to Jennings Pond. I wasn't the only one who thought it was a nice December morning to visit. The guy (in the center) had a huge birdwatching scope. I only saw Canada goose but maybe he thinks those things are cool. Not me.

The year started with so much snow but ended with so little. Still, when there's enough to play in, taking the kids outside is always a good idea. This guy is a fan.

This photo wraps it up. A nice hike a the Park Preserve on December 30. We had the place to ourselves, somehow.

These pictures were all taken with the same Fuji XF10 that I used for most of 2020. It's been dropped more than a few times, and I'll use it until it quits.

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