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In September of 2015 I quickly and quietly launched New O'Clock, a website that publishes and tweets an interesting, true fact every day at two o'clock (AM and PM). Two posts a day was a lot of work, surprisingly, so I modified the site to publish at 2PM only. Then just on weekdays. Then life got in the way and updating it involved too much time to maintain. Classic website story.

This pattern probably isn't unfamiliar to anyone who has been in charge of a blog. Even though I loved researching things that were new to me and learning something in the process (boops boops is a type of fish!), the manual entry method could sometimes take an hour to populate only a few handfuls of posts. That's not a lot of time, but enough to get lost in the weekly shuffle of Stuff.

But it's been in the back of my mind for months, patiently waiting its turn in line for attention. I've wrapped up a lot of type projects lately and am happy to say that I've made some big updates in addition to loading in weeks worth of content, mostly on the Old Twos page.

  • Layout - No more run-on-sentence design
  • Categories - I have always been categorizing things, just not displaying them. Now you can click/tap to browse by category
  • Search - and of course you can look up a post by keyword now
  • Tweets - No more website link (seemed unnecessary) which leaves more characters for better sentences.
  • Sources - I'm trying to use Wikipedia mostly, rather than jumping around all over the web

That's it, a small bulleted list, but it feels like an entirely new website to me. Here are some of my favorites over the past 18 months. I welcome feedback on Twitter.

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