Photo Friend Adam Baker

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Last month Adam Baker had a very impressive photo show in town. Having only seen his work as large as my browser window would allow I was blown away by the clarity and color of his printed landscapes. And I also thoroughly enjoyed his biz cards.

Seeing work like this online and in real life is inspiring. I left humbled and extremely happy for my friend. Taking pictures of people is easy. Capturing a landscape in a way that preserves the natural beauty of the world is incredibly tricky. I have maybe three “okay” wide shots or scenic views of places I wanted to document. And that’s after I studied photography at college and experimented with four different DSLRs over the past five years. But enough of my photos of his photos, here are three that I absolutely love.

Oh and if you’re on Facebook treat yourself to his pretty fantastic set of photos from a recent Flaming Lips concert.

Anyway, here’s his site, flickr, 500px, and Twitter. Have fun.

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