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It’s rare for me to write about concert experiences. Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed MIA, Flaming Lips, Phoenix, and Fiona Apple (among others), all in upstate New York! Bu I haven't been inspired enough to sit down at a computer and share it. Until last night/now.

A few of us at work have been collaborating on a simple video app, which I used a lot last night to capture the show. I posted five videos to my Vimeo account which will never do the band/experience justice, but it is a decent substitute if you couldn’t make it to one of their tour dates.

I had goosebumps for half of the show. And I spent a large portion of the concert with a bright, color-shifting stage light shining at me, which was surprisingly enjoyable. It fit the music, and if I closed my eyes it felt like an endless sunset with the most epic background music. It was anything but background, though. The music was enjoyably loud and clear, despite the weird venue, my proximity to the speakers, and (at times) two basses, two guitars, and a drummer. It should be noted that they played 80 minutes without stopping or talking. And when they did speak (only one of them, at the start of the show and the end) it was simple, genuine, and humble.

Thank you Texans for coming to upstate New York. I eagerly purchased the soundtrack they recently scored for a film called Prince Avalanche and can’t wait to enjoy it in my headphones at 30,000 feet tomorrow when I head west with Jonah. If history is any indication, I’ll probably enjoy it for another 9 years as I’m still listening to them just as intensely as I was in 2004. Tomorrow night Explosions In The Sky plays in my old stomping grounds of Maine, so my friends back home will get their share of the magic I experienced last night.

Watch the rest on Vimeo

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