Quick NYC Trip

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My sister has lived within an hour of New York City for a few years now. I'm not a city guy, but I can certainly love it for brief periods. How brief? Well, this trip was several hours long 😂 It was, however, my son's first visit to NYC, or any sizable city, really. I actually made an effort to keep my camera pocketed as much as possible, and most of these photos were taken from the hip without looking at the screen (there's no viewfinder on the Pentax K-01).

We live four hours away from here, which is either really close or really distant depending on your perspective. But for whatever reason, I'll go five years without stepping foot in The City. It is so different from everything we see, smell, and hear during our everyday life in Ithaca. I enjoyed seeing how my boy reacted to different things. I mean, he literally has a different perspective because I'm two feet taller than him, but wow.

That's it! And I picked up food poisoning from the stromboli I had at the pizza place. Luckily my kid was fine after his pizza (and kids are like, invincible).

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