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My favorite things to make usually have a physical and digital form. Take photos, for instance. I can print a lot of them, inexpensively, from my phone (wild). But the ease of texting a picture of my kids to their grandparents is also amazing. Easy.

Fonts are wonderful things to create, because they often start with a sketch, then go completely digital, only for me to experience them by surprise in some physical form like a book cover, packaging design, or some other nice thing someone else made. Like when an indie film uses my font Typocopia for their title, and all of a sudden it is on a movie poster (Captain Fantastic, below).

proud moment, I should probably watch this movie

Laser cutting is fun because I get to use a two dimensional space/thinking to create a three dimensional object. I just don’t have access to a laser cutter anymore.

Video, however, is the one elusive thing that I love to make, but will forever be tied to a screen, unless I do some experiential installation or non-conventional output. But who is going to see that? There’s also Gifpop, which is actually really cool. We have a few of those. More specifically, I'm talking video for phones.

I enjoy creating videos and they’re easy to share. 10 years ago if I saw a “vertical video” somewhere I’d be mad that the person didn’t turn their camera (phone) to make it horizontal, the way it should be. I was so naive. I didn’t even see the format change coming. Mostly because I was late to get a nice smartphone. But also because I was experiencing most videos on a desktop screen, where of course a vertical video looks weird. Now if I see a horizontal video I either sigh and turn my phone or just ignore it completely. Unless I’m watching a movie or show, which I do on a laptop or TV screen, the majority of video I’m consuming these days is…vertical, in the palm of my hand.

And now I’m the last person to adopt 9x16 video. But I’m doing my best to make it work. Turns out, I like making reels. To add to the confusion, I also make music (and like using it in videos) but a lot of people probably are scrolling through with their phones muted. So aside from the very desktop-friendly type videos I have on this site (Default Sans, for example) I’m making videos now to fill a phone (see below), without having to turn it. It's new to me, but that's not a bad thing.

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