Subject Not Detected

I took a little over 12000 photos this year. About 2000 of them are worth editing, saving, and backing up. I’ve said before it’s easy to take a good photo of a person, but without a subject in the frame I’m usually in for a challenge. As this year winds down I’ve had a chance Subject Not Detected

What Do I Do With All These Photos?

I take a lot of pictures. Not too many, but probably more than the average person. Most of them come from a camera that isn’t attached to a phone. My current camera–a Fujifilm XF10–fits in my pocket. That’s pretty miraculous since it contains an APS-C sensor, which is considerably larger and more impressive than anything What Do I Do With All These Photos?

New Year, Old Cameras

This blog post started as a silly note on my phone. Less than a note really, just a list of every digital camera I’ve owned and used and loved and hated since 2003. Very quickly: I’m not a pro photographer but have supplemented my freelance career with photo gigs (weddings and headshots, y’all). Most of New Year, Old Cameras

Farewell to Flickr

I just finished downloading all of my content from Flickr. It amounts to 21 ZIP files that Flickr prepared when I requested my archive, totaling almost 62.5 gigabytes from about 10,000 photos. I joined in 2007 when I was scanning old film and photographing with a $200 point and shoot. My account is now deleted. Farewell to Flickr


I used to love bright, busy, vibrant wallpaper/background on my phone. They were fun but made the locked view/home screen busy, especially at night, even with the brightness turned down. So for years I went with a solid black background and never changed it. Now I find myself drawn to subtle textures in dark shades Grayscreens

Centralia, PA

I’m standing on what used to be Route 61, the now closed off southern path into Centralia, Pennsylvania. Underneath the road, and much of the old town, is a fire that started burning in the coal mines 50 years ago (May 1962). Temperatures in certain areas of the fire/mines exceed 1000 degrees, signs of which Centralia, PA