What I’m Doing With Fonts Now

This is new, all of it. The URL. The code. The–dare I say…strategy? Even this font I’m typing in. For a long time my website served as a portfolio, or as a blog, and at some point it was a shop. Now it’s all of those things at the same time, which seems ambitious but What I’m Doing With Fonts Now

DaFont Food Court

Once a month I’ll inevitably get an email from Paypal saying that “a nice dafont visitor” threw a couple bucks my way. Almost always $5. It’s awesome and absolutely unnecessary (because everything I have on dafont is 100% free or open source). It’s also inspiring. I ultimately end up visiting DaFont and get lost in DaFont Food Court

Open Source Sunday

I’m writing this on a Monday, but the title comes from the fact that I spent many hours yesterday finalizing on improvements made to League Mono and League Spartan. The latter is something I’ve been updating on and off for the past year (since forking a version to make variable in 2018). League Mono has Open Source Sunday

Making a Variable Font in Glyphs

This is a quick (relatively, it’s 18 minutes long) video tutorial on converting an existing single style font to a multiple master/variable compatible font in Glyphs. It’s not a perfect tutorial, but it should be enough for you to get started if you’re on a mac. As mentioned in the video, this is all possible Making a Variable Font in Glyphs

Type on Type

I’m writing this on a bus to New York City. A last minute getaway with my wife. After admiring the winter scene that also distracts me when I’m behind the wheel, I realize that I can make something, right now. With my laptop actually on top of my lap, the options aren’t quite endless, but Type on Type

Upstate NY Font

I was late to join my local (Upstate NY) AIGA chapter, and even later to hop on the chapter’s Slack list. Deplorable, I know, but I tried to make up for it by proposing a collaboration: a group mashup typeface. Over 30 people contributed at least one letter, number, or symbol. I have never met Upstate NY Font

Strength in Numbers

If only everyone had paid 50¢ per download It feels like not too long ago I wrote a similar blog post about hitting 1,000,000 free font downloads. A lot has happened since that was published in October of 2013. The number of documented downloads of my fonts (compiled from Font Squirrel, DaFont, and The League Strength in Numbers

Southpaw Revisited

I’ve used Southpaw quite a bit since Allison and I brought it to life earlier this year. Almost every day, at the Beer co. actually. In fact, it is already on two beer bottles, among many other things. Which is interesting. I have a tendency to only use one of my typefaces for a single Southpaw Revisited

Pixel County Classics

That’s right, I made these three pixel fonts in 2007. Flash was a big thing that I seemed to spend a bit of time with, and tiny text was huge (lol). Transparent PNGs were just beginning to hit the web, and if you didn’t want to use one of about 20 browser friendly fonts, you Pixel County Classics